Designed, engineered and produced in Italy

Owned by the Nolan Group, the X-Lite brand was formed in 1998 for the exclusive production of composite fibre motorcycle helmets.

Worn by MotoGP legends such as Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo, X-Lite motorcycle helmets are designed to meet and supersede the expectations of serious and demanding riders, and every single design within this collection represents the culmination of years of experience in the motorcycle-racing field.

Offering exceptional price/quality ratio, X-Lite motorcycle helmets are suitable for all biking activities, and whether you are looking for a full-face helmet, a flip-front helmet or a crossover lid, you will find exactly what you are looking for within our online range.

X-Lite Full Face Motorcycle Helmets: High performance crash helmets designed to offer superior head, neck and face protection, the X 802, X 702 and the X 551 all feature in this full-face range.

X-Lite Flip-Front Motorcycle Helmets: A versatile and comfortable flip-front lid, ideal for long distance touring, the X-Lite X-1002 remains a firm customer favourite.

X-Lite Crossover Motorcycle Helmets: A multifunctional motorbike helmet that really does offer the best of both worlds, the X-402 GT ‘Grand Touring’ lid, features a removable chin guard, which allows you to transform it from a full-face to an open-face helmet in seconds.

Stylish, comfortable and EC approved for safety, X-Lite motorcycle helmets are the perfect example of innovative development and Italian design.



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X-Lite X-903 Carbon

X-903 Carbon

X-Lite X-903


X-Lite X-803 Carbon

X-803 Carbon

X-Lite X-803


X-Lite X-1004 Carbon

X-1004 Carbon

X-Lite X-1004


X-Lite X-403 Carbon

X-403 Carbon

X-Lite X-201 Carbon

X-201 Carbon

X-Lite X-201


X-Lite X-502 Carbon

X-502 Carbon

X-Lite X-502


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  3. X-Lite X-551 GT Desert Hawk N-Com Flat Black / Red

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  5. X-Lite X-551 GT Desert Hawk N-Com Flat Military

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