Caberg Helmets

The Italian Helmet Since 1974

An award-winning motorcycle helmet manufacturer with over 35 years experience, Caberg produces some of the finest helmets available on the market today.

The first helmet manufacturer in Europe to introduce flip-up (or flip-front) lids to their range, Caberg continually update and improve their helmet collections with new designs, advanced materials and technical breakthroughs, to ensure that every crash helmet bearing the Caberg name looks good, feels great, and meets the most stringent safety standards.

At Moto-Central, we stock a fantastic collection of Caberg helmets for men, women, junior bikers and kids, and whether you are looking for a full face lid for the track or an open face helmet for nipping around town, you will find everything you could possibly wish for right here in our Caberg range.

Caberg Full Face Motorcycle Helmets: Cool, comfortable and packed with safety features, the full-face lids in the Caberg collection are suitable for all biking activities. Popular models include the Caberg Ego, V2-407, V2R-R, V2X, Caberg Vox, for Lady bikers the Caberg V-Gal, and the V-Kid for children.

Caberg Open Face Motorcycle Helmets: Our Caberg open-face collection is vast, and with designs such as the Caberg Axel, Downtown, Freedom, Freeride, Jet Century, Jet Sintesi, and the Caberg Riviera V2+, there really is something to suit every taste within this range.

Caberg Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmets : As a European leader in flip-up helmets, it is no surprise that this particular Caberg collection is huge. Models Modus, Duke, Junior Rhyno, Justissimo GT, Konda and Sintesi all feature within our comprehensive online range.

In the Moto-Central collection, you will also find the Caberg ‘Just Speak’ Bluetooth communication system, Caberg Pinlock inserts, and a range of Caberg spares and accessories.

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