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As one of the Top 5 leading brands in the American market, Scorpion has firmly established its place in the motorcycle helmet and protective headgear industry.

Unlike many brands who purchase their helmets from generic manufacturers, Scorpion has its own state-of-the-art campus, where some of the world’s most sought after helmet designers and engineers (with over 178 years of cumulative experience) come together to create the world-class helmets found within the Scorpion collection.

It is this attention to detail, operation control, and confidence inspiring integrity that helped Scorpion become one of the world’s leading brands today, and the fact that every motorcycle helmet within the Scorpion collection meets the ECE 22.05 safety standard – speaks volumes about this professional brand.

In the Moto-Central Scorpion helmet collection, we stock the latest helmet models and designs, including:

Scorpion Full Face Motorcycle Helmets: Designed to “put a sting in your tail” the full-face lids in the Scorpion range are some of the most advanced, energy-absorbing helmets available on the international market. Packed with safety features and up-to-date specifications, this next generation of motorcycle helmets are proven for race and road.

Scorpion Open Face Motorcycle Helmets: The Scorpion EXO-100 is an Italian inspired open–face lid with a retractable face-shield. Cool and extremely comfortable to wear, this retro helmet is perfect for cruising or zipping around town.

Scorpion Off Road Motorcycle Helmets: A high performance motorcycle lid for Motocross, Enduro and off-road biking, the Scorpion VX-15 pays homage to the great outdoors. Styled to perfection and designed to keep you safe without obstructing your vision, this fantastic helmet takes care of the ventilation issues so you can concentrate on your performance.


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Scopion R1


EXO 1400 Carbon

EXO 1400 Carbon

EXO 1400

EXO 1400

Scorpion EXO 510

EXO 510 Air

Scorpion EXO 490

EXO 490

Scorpion EXO 390

EXO 390

Scorpion EXO Tech

EXO Tech

Scorpion EXO 920

EXO 920

Scorpion ADX1


Scorpion Combat


Scorpion EXO 100

EXO 100

Scorpion Belfast


Scorpion EXO 220

EXO 220

Scorpion VX-16


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