Spada Clothing

A British brand committed to designing and manufacturing a range of motorcycle helmets, clothing and biker accessories at an affordable price, Spada caters for all riders, regardless of budget.

A collection of motorcycle helmets and biking apparel designed to appeal to both new and seasoned motorcyclists, the Spada collection is ‘tried and tested’ on real bikers, across all age groups, riding styles and everyday biking situations, to ensure every item within the Spada range meets, or exceeds, the needs of ‘real life’ bikers.


The crash helmets and clothing in this collection may represent excellent value for money, but Spada make no compromises on safety and style, and all the lids within the Spada range are European Safety Standard ECE 22.05 approved.

In the Moto-Central Spada collection you will find a comprehensive range of motorcycle helmets, gloves, boots, one-piece race suits, leather and textile jackets and trousers for men and women bikers, waterproof over suits, thermal accessories and a range of Performance Skin base layers to keep you warm and dry on the road or race track.

Spada Motorcycle Helmets: With flip-up helmets such as the Spada Tucana, full-face lids such as the RP700, open-face helmets such as the PR301 and off-road lids such as the Edge, Violator and Sting, there really is something for every biker within this helmet collection. Spada Motorcycle Clothing & Accessories:

Our Spada motorcycle clothing collection is vast, and whether you are looking for a one-piece racing suit for men, leather biking jackets for women, or thermal underwear and body armour, you will find it all right here in the Moto-Central range.

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