Richa Motorcycle Gear

Richa is a Belgian brand specialising in high quality motorcycle boots, clothing and accessories.

A brand committed to creating a range of motorcycle products that are both safe on the road and comfortable to wear, Richa continuously develop and improve the clothing and accessories within their range with refreshed styles, modern colour combinations and technically advanced materials, while retaining an excellent price-quality ratio.

It is thanks to this commitment that Richa products are now available in more than 25 countries throughout Europa, Africa, and the Americas, and the brand was recently chosen to deliver the new summer/winter collection for the Dutch motorcycle police force.

Designed to offer comfort and safety in all weather conditions, Richa motorcycle boots are traditionally styled, provide excellent foot/ankle support, and are just as comfortable to wear off your bike as they are on. Available for men and women bikers, the motorcycle boots within this range tick all the boxes for comfort, safety and style, yet they come in at a very reasonable price.

In the Moto-Central Richa collection, you will find selection of motorcycle boots for racing, touring and everyday biking activities.

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