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Arai have consistently created new standards in safety, comfort and quality since the family owned company began in 1937. Hirotake Arai , a hatmaker, formed the Independent Japanese company, that has now since been taken over by his grandson Michio Arai, when he noticed the lack of helmets on the market at the time and began making them for himself.  Each individual Arai helmet is hand crafted giving the brand its uniqueness. Approximately 50% of the formula 1 field uses Arai helmets for their protection and Arai have used the data collected from the performance in these races to improve their helmets to the highest quality. Arai test their helmets against their own in-house standards as well as the usual ECE and SNELL standards in order to keep the reliable quality of their helmets to their satisfaction. Arai is one of the most popular helmet brands across the world making them one of the most popular choices for motorcyclists.

“How can you say one person’s head is worth more than another’s” – Michio Arai

“In the end it’s not the legal safety standard that protects you, but the helmet you wear” – Akihito Arai

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