Designed, engineered and produced in Italy

Nolan has been producing motorcycle helmets since the early 1970s, and now holds a large percentage of the European market thanks to their innovative helmet designs, the sophisticated materials they use, and the highly competitive prices they offer.

Founded by Italian entrepreneur, Lander Nocchi, the Nolan brand was born out of a “passion for two wheels”, and Mr. Nocchi’s sole desire to produce a range of motorcycle helmets that were lighter and more affordable than those available on the market at the time.

After purchasing the lightweight and innovative plastic material Lexan® from an American company, the Nolan group began to manufacture polycarbonate motorcycle helmets, and has never looked back since.

40 years on, the Nolan group has introduced three new brands to their extensive range: X-Lite® Composite Fibre Helmets, Grex® Entry Level Helmets devoted to young and stylish riders looking for good value for money, and N-Com®, Nolan’s very own Bluetooth communications system.

Combining the latest in motorcycle helmet technologies with innovative materials and an Italian flair for style, the Nolan group has created a comprehensive range of crash helmets for men, women and children – and they are all available in the Moto-Central range.



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Nolan N87


Nolan N60-5


Nolan N100-5


Nolan N70-2 GT

N70-2 GT

Nolan N70-2 X

N70-2 X

Nolan N40-5


Nolan N21 Visor

N21 Visor

Nolan N21


Nolan N53


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  1. Nolan N60-5 Classic Metal White
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  2. Nolan N53 Whoop Flat Denim Blue
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  3. Nolan N100-5 Classic N-Com Lava Grey
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  7. Nolan N53 Whoop Flat Black / White
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  8. Nolan N53 Whoop Corsa Red / Blue
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