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Founded by former professional racers and bikers, the Shark brand has become a world leader in helmet manufacturing and technology.

Making around 350,000 motorcycle helmets each year, Shark are constantly pushing the boundaries of research and innovation, and one only has to wear a crash helmet from the Shark range to feel the passion for racing that is evident in every single lid they create.

Shark was the first motorcycle helmet brand to manufacture Carbon Fibre helmets, and the first to make a modular helmet with dual homologation (full face and open face). Over the past 20 years, they have equipped more than 200 world-class racers and 45 world champions with their high performance, safe, comfortable and stylish lids, and as Shark continually work on technological innovations, their collection is set to grow and grow.

We stock a huge collection of Shark motorcycle helmets, and you can expect to find the following models within the Moto-central online range:

Shark Full Face Motorcycle Helmets : Sleek, sophisticated and available in a range of colours and graphic designs, the Race R Pro, Race R Pro Carbon, Speed R, Vision R GT, S900C, S700S and the S600 are just some of the Shark lids featuring in our full-face collection.

Shark Flip Up Motorcycle Helmets: If you are looking for a quality touring helmet, the brand new Evoline Series III or the Shark Openline could be the perfect choice.

Shark Open Face Motorcycle Helmets : In addition to their range of high performance racing helmets, Shark also offer a cool collection of open face lids including the Nano, the RSJ and the extremely popular SK by Shark.

Shark Off-Road Motorcycle Helmets : A range of aggressively styled off-road helmets for hardcore bikers, the SX2 is in a league of its own.

You will also find a range of Shark spares and accessories in the Moto-Central collection, including the innovative SHARKTOOTH® motorbike wireless entertainment system.


Shark Helmets Logo

Shark Race R Pro GP

Race R Pro GP

Shark Race R Pro Carbon

Race R Pro Carbon

Shark Race R Pro

Race R Pro

Shark Spartan Carbon

Spartan Carbon

Shark Spartan


Shark Skwal 2

Skwal 2

Shark D-Skwal


Shark Ridill


Shark Vancore 2

Vancore 2

Shark Evo One 2

Evo-One 2

Shark Evoline Series 3

Evoline Series 3

Shark Openline


Shark S-Drak Carbon

S-Drak Carbon

Shark S-Drak


Shark Street Drak

Street Drak

Shark Drak


Shark RSJ


Shark Heritage


Shark Nano


Shark Micro


Shark Explore R


Shark Varial


Shark ATV Drak

ATV Drak

Shark X-Drak


Shark Sale


Shark Spares & Accessories

Spares & Accessories

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  2. Shark Evoline S3 Mezcal Mat KAS
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  4. Shark Nano Blank White
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  8. Shark Evoline 3 Tixer Matt KUS
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  10. Shark Evoline S3 Gloss White
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