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Alpinestars specialise in leather motorcycle wear, this shows in the quality and performance of their leather One Piece Suits. The range consists of suits constructed from premium 1.3mm full-grain for everyday durability and comfort, such as the Challenger V2, to the GP Tech V2 Leather Suit, a high-performance race suit designed with multi-panel construction of premium kangaroo and bovine leather. All equipped with CE-certified armour and designed with years of expert knowledge gained form working with the top race riders, all around the world. Many of the one piece suits have a waterproof pocket for peace of mind when out riding and mesh lined for enhanced ventilation and comfort.


With continuous improvements on already performing products Alpinestars have a range of leather One Piece suits to exceed expectations in all circumstances.

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Alpinestars GP Tech V2

GP Tech V2

Alpinestars GP Pro

GP Pro

Alpinestars Atem V3

Atem V3

Alpinestars GP Plus Camo

GP Plus Camo

Alpinestars GP Plus V2

GP Plus V2

Alpinestars GP Plus Venom

GP Plus Venom

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Alpinestars Motegi V2

Motegi V2

Alpinestars Challenger V2

Challenger V2

Alpinestars Stella Motegi

Motegi Ladies

Alpinestars Stella Kira

Kira Ladies

Alpinestars GP Plus Youth

GP Plus Youth

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