Held Seric Gore-Tex Gloves Black


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GORE-TEX Gloves + Gore Grip technology, Optimal Tactility for Safe Grip. Only GORE-TEX ® products carry the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise. Comfort and protection - head to toe.

Outer Shell:
Stretch Fabric Back (75% Polyamide, 15% Polyurethane, 10% Other)
Goatskin Palm

Pique Push-Pull Lining (100% Polyester)

GORE-TEX® Membrane (100% Polyester With 100% Polyurethane Coating)

+ Gore Grip Technology
Velcro Adjustment At Wrists & Cuffs
Stretch Fabric Panels (100% Polyamide) On Back
Stretch Material On Thumb
Special Leather At Thumb And Finger Which Allows Smartphone Operation
Visor Wiper

SAS-TEC® Knuckle Protection
Ball Of Thumb Reinforced With SuperFabric®- Brand Material (32% Polyester, 68% Epoxidharz)
Leather Hand Edge Protection

+ Gore Grip Product Technology

W.L. Gore & Associates is renowned as a specialist for the manufacture of highly functional, breathable, wind-blocking and water-repellent membranes for motorcycle gloves. Now these attributes have been further improved with GORE-TEX® glove with + Gore grip technology, a revolutionary technique that ensures a sensitive grip feeling and optimal comfort for the hands.

The Challenge

Motorcyclists demand a lot from their bodies, and especially from their hands. A biker’s hands have to steer, clutch, brake and simultaneously give the engine exactly the right amount of throttle. That’s why good motorcycle gloves must satisfy rigorous requirements. They must protect the biker from injuries and damage to the joints. They must remain lastingly breathable in the summer and watertight in the rain. And they must be very comfortable to wear. But until now, a glove that could satisfy all of these criteria always posed another problem: it significantly reduced a biker’s feel for the motorcycle. Now Gore has found a way to solve this problem. The solution is called “+ Gore grip technology”.

The Innovation

Many watertight motorcycle gloves are made of four layers: a sturdy outer material; an insulating layer; a watertight layer and a lining material. The robust new membrane used in the + Gore grip technology makes it possible to eliminate two layers. Furthermore, all remaining layers are laminated to one another using a special three-dimensional process. Gore developed a new thermal adhesive with a net like structure so that it doesn’t reduce the glove’s breathability. These gloves achieve unprecedented excellence in fit, comfort and toughness. Motorcyclists feel as though they’re wearing single-layer gloves that could easily grasp even the smallest objects. This ensures excellent levels of tactility and ergonomic comfort.

Put those two together and you get perfect control over your bike – in every Situation.

SAS-TEC - Safety Made Very Special Foam

The visco elastic PU-foam from SAS-TEC consist of renewable “green” raw materials and not from mineral oil. This special material has excellent response characteristic on impact, low weight, high comfort, and excellent, almost linier energy absorption, and therefore body compatible energyreduction at impact. Furthermore the special microstructure of the SAS-TEC foam ensures an adapted damping performance: the higher the impact-speed, the bigger the resistance of the foam guaranteeing the best possible Impact protection for your body.

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