X802RR Ultra Carbon

The X-lite X-802RR ULTRA CARBON is a full-face racing helmet with a unique high-carbon content shell.

This Race-ready helmet from X-lite is constructed from extremely lightweight, reinforced, ultra carbon-rich, composite fibre, available in 3 shell sizes for added protection and comfort. Aerodynamically advanced with a three-way adjustable, large, rear spoiler ensuring the least resistance and improving stability, even when turning your head. With four intake vents on the front of the helmet and three exhaust vents on the rear the X-802RR Ultra Carbon carries one of the best ‘Racing Air Flow Systems’ on the market. Improved quality vents ensure the vents seal securely when closed and are easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. Equipped with X-lite’s ‘Quick release’, one-tab system, for easy removal and visor lock, to ensure it does not open whilst on the track. The Visor is Pinlock ready and has an option to lock slightly open, allowing air-flow and reducing the risk of fogging. The liner is constructed with activated carbon fibres which are temperature regulating, fully removable, washable, breathable, anti-static and anti-bacterial, featuring single foam block cheek pads improving cushioning and maximising comfort.

The X-802RR ULTRA CARBON is the most exclusive race helmet, designed for the most demanding of track riders and should be your next purchase!

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