The X-lite X-661 is a full-face, touring helmet equipped with an internal VPS sun visor and ready to house the N-Com X-Series communication system.

This feature packed, entry-level touring helmet from X-lite is constructed from carbon-rich, composite fibre providing extremely lightweight and strong protection. Available in 3 shell sizes for added protection and comfort. Equipped with X-lite’s ‘Double Action’ visor mechanism, consisting of a wide-view, Pinlock fog resistant outer visor and a VPS integrated sun visor, for impeccable vision despite conditions. The X-661 Extreme Titantech houses X-lite’s ‘Touring Ventilation System’, driving air through crown vents into channels that circulate the cool air around the skull. Lined with touring performance lining, designed to maintain a constant pressure on the skull and face providing comfort for extended riding and equipped with glasses grooves for reduced temporal pressure.


If a feature packed, entry level touring helmet is what you are looking for, the X-lite X-661 ticks all the boxes and should be your next purchase!

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