X551 GT

The X-lite X-551 GT is a compact, fibre composite shell with removable peak and VPS integrated sun visor, equally suited to both on and off road use.

This multi-functional, on / off road helmet from X-lite is constructed from composite fibre, available in 3 shell sizes for added protection and comfort. The wide removable peak enhances off-road performance and completes this helmet unique look, suited to street enduro, motard and dirt road riding. The X-551 GT is equipped with a Pinlock-ready inner visor and a VPS integrated sun visor (available in yellow for better vision in poor light-conditions). The X-551 GT houses X-lite’s ‘Touring Ventilation System’, driving air through crown vents into channels that circulate the cool air around the skull. Lined with ‘Unitherm2’ inner, featuring newly developed cheek pads improving cushioning and maximising comfort. Ready for the N-Com X-Series communication system, the X-551 GT truly offers the best of both worlds, fully equipped for touring the roads and further enhanced to ensure it is equally fit for off-road use.


The X-Lite X-551 GT is a versatile on / off road helmet. If you are looking for a helmet equally equipped to both then look no further than the X-551 GT!

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