X502 Ultra Carbon

The X-lite X-502 ULTRA CARBON is an aggressively designed, off-road, full-face racing helmet with unique high-carbon content shell.

This Off-road race helmet from X-lite is constructed from extremely lightweight, reinforced, ultra carbon-rich, composite fibre, available in 2 shell sizes for added protection and comfort. Aggressively designed with an extended, adjustable peak and ultrawide eye port providing a wide field of vison, designed to house many types of goggles. With multiple intake vents on the front, side and under peak of the shell and many exhaust vents, expelling warm air, the X-502 Ultra Carbon carries X-Lite’s ‘Racing Air Flow System’, one of the most advanced on the market. The chin guard air vent is fitted with a fixed external filter and removable inner filter, cleaning air supply to the mouth area, even on the muddiest of tracks. The liner is constructed with unique net construction designed to keep cool and dry thanks to assisted movement technology around the head. The expanded foam inners of the cheek pads can be removed, along with the complete liner and straps for easy cleaning. The X-502 Ultra Carbon is fitted with Nolan emergency release system (NERS), enabling emergency teams to remove the cheek pads from the helmet whilst still on the head, in case of an emergency.

 If you are looking for a top of the range, off-road, race helmet, look no further than the X-Lite X-502 Ultra carbon!

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