The X-lite X-1004 is a composite fibre constructed, modular helmet featuring all the technicalities desired by the most demanding of touring motorcyclists.

The X-1004 is constructed from composite fibre, available in 3 shell sizes for added protection and comfort. Homologated in both P and J positions, the X-1004 offers the rider flexibility and unmatched protection. The chin bar is operated with a two-button opening mechanism, rigorously tested to ensure it remains closed on impact and has been increased in size, providing optimum protection. Equipped with X-lite’s ‘Double Visor’ mechanism constructed from a ultra-wide, Pinlock-ready outer visor and a VPS integrated sun visor for impeccable vision despite conditions. The X-1004 houses X-lite’s ‘Touring Ventilation System’, driving air through double crown vents into channels that circulate the cool air around the skull. Lined with X-Lite's ‘Unitherm2’ inner, created with innovative net construction, featuring single foam block cheek pads and integrated chin straps improving cushioning and maximising comfort.

The X-1004 is a truly remarkable modular helmet, designed for the most demanding of touring motorists and should be your helmet of choice.

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