Shoei Qwest

The Shoei Qwest is a premium touring helmet with an extremely low weight and reduced noise level.

The Shoei Qwest is constructed from AIM+ technology, 6 layers of organic fibre, multi composite shell, designed for optimum strength and shock absorbency. This lightweight helmet is designed to equally suit day to day riding and the grand tour alike thanks to its superb fit and minimal noise level. This helmet houses Shoei’s dual density modular EPS liner for furthered shock absorbency. The ventilation system consists of multiple air intakes on the chin bar and upper head for fresh air supply and multiple exhaust vents that expel warm air, simultaneously providing the highest standard of ventilation. Shoei’s attention to detail has allowed them to create 4 different outer shell dimensions and 6 different sizes cheek pads, ensuring the Shoei Qwest offers the perfect fit!

If you are looking for a lightweight touring helmet with exceptional fit, look no further than the Shoei Qwest.

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