Shoei Neotec

The Shoei NEOTEC is a sophisticated flip-front helmet with an integrated sun visor and significant noise reduction.

The Shoei Neotec is constructed from AIM+ technology, multi-layered organic fibre, multi composite shell, designed for unmatched shock absorbency and optimum strength. This aesthetically advanced helmet has not only been designed to be one of the most attractive flip-front helmets on the market but one of the best performing too. Equipped with 360° pivot locking system the chin bar is securely locked into place with a 100% stainless steel system, ensuring firm opening and closing and avoiding accidental opening in the event of a fall. This helmet houses Shoei’s modular EPS liner for furthered shock absorbency and E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in the event of an accident. The QSV-1 sun visor is anti-scratch, anti-fog and 99% UV blocking, inserted into the helmet with no impact on the EPS absorption layer conformation or performance. The ventilation system consists of multiple air intakes and exhaust vents providing the highest standard of ventilation whilst maintaining a smooth surface for reduced turbulence. The interior is removable and has adjustable pads for personalised comfort and an easy to operate and adjust chinstrap, with steel micro ratchet system.

If you are looking for a top of the range flip-up touring helmet, the Shoei Neotec must be your next purchase!

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