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Making superior quality motorcycle helmets since 1958, Shoei has become one of the most recognised and popular helmet manufactures in the world.

A brand synonymous with premium motorcycle helmets, Shoei has equipped champions of MotoGP, Superbike and MX1 with their high performance lids, and iconic bikers such as Chaz Davies, Paulo Goncalves and Marc Márquez all wear helmets from the Shoei range.

Shoei helmets are still manufactured in Japan by a team of dedicated and highly skilled staff. Attention to detail and hand work play a significant role in the production process, and all helmets must comply with strict quality control measures and the Shoei safety concept if they are to receive the Shoei stamp of approval.

Shoei premium motorcycle helmets are some of the safest, most comfortable and reliable lids available on the market today, and if you are looking to invest in the best, we invite you to view our collection today:

Shoei Full Face Motorcycle Helmets : Feel and enjoy the quality of a Shoei full-face helmet with the X-Spirit III, the GT Air, the XR-1100, the Qwest Airfoil and the Hornet DS.

Shoei Flip Up Motorcycle Helmets: If you are heading off on a long distance journey, the Shoei Neotec and the Shoei Multitec will provide a high level of protection without weighing you down.

Shoei Open Face Motorcycle Helmets: Combing a modern design with Shoei technology, the J-Cruise, J-Wing and RJ Platinum open-face lids are perfect for cruising and commuting.

Shoei Off-Road Motorcycle Helmets : Designed to keep up with the most extreme off-road bikers, the Shoei VFX W looks as good as it performs.

You will also find a range of Shoei spares and accessories in the Moto-Central collection, and as we are a Shoei authorised dealer, you can be confident you will receive genuine goods.

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