Roof Rover

An open face helmet constructed with fibreglass reinforced carbon fibre. 

The Roof Rover offers the comfort, feel and qualities of a full-face helmet in a unique open-face shell. The durable fibreglass reinforced carbon fibre shell houses a panoramic eye port for a notable field of vision. The Cristal anti-scratch, anti-fog panoramic visor offers full face protection for longer rides, whilst the fixed sunshade offers protection whilst in the city. Roof’s patented visor mechanism allows easy positioning. The 3D, ventilated liner is removeable, washable and adjustable for personal comfort. Roof have enclosed its ‘Venturi’ air ventilation system which drives cool air over the crown and around the skull. The Rover is securely held into place thanks to the micrometric chin strap closure. The Roof Rover's full-face helmet feel is enhanced thanks to its cleverly designed panoramic visor.

If you ride both in and out of the city, the Rover city helmet should be your next purchase!

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