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A relatively new company, but one that is already making a big statement in the world of motorcycle helmets, Nexx Pro was established in Portugal in 2001.

Committed to creating a range of motorcycle helmets that “make every riding moment enjoyable”, Nexx Pro re-styled their Nexx brand in 2007, and now offer an exclusive line of helmets for men, women and children.

The Nexx logo is “Helmets for Life”, and one only has to read the long list of specifications listed against each crash helmet type, to see that a great amount of time, creativity, design and technology has gone in to producing their comprehensive range of protective headgear.

Each model is carefully tested in a range of weather and road conditions to ensure it reaches, or supersedes, all Nexx safety standards, and only those motorcycle helmets that receive the Nexx stamp of approval reach our online collection.

Recent collaborations with the likes of Hugo Boss, have raised the Nexx profile even more, and with a range of helmets like these listed below, this Portuguese brand can only continue to grow:

Nexx Full Face Motorcycle Helmets : Choose your favourite design from our huge collection of Nexx XR1R full face lids including the Alpha, Blade, Café Racer, Carbon, Champion and Motion.

Nexx Open Face Motorcycle Helmets: In our Nexx open-face range, we stock the entire X60 collection including the Neon, Flex and Vision models, the X70 range of military inspired lids, and the X60 Kids helmet series.

Nexx Flip-Up (maxi-jet) Motorcycle Helmets: Sleek, sophisticated and stylish in design, the X40 and the X30.V are packed with safety features. Nexx Off-Road Motorcycle Helmets:

If you are heading off the open road and out into unfamiliar terrain, the Nexx X20 Free helmet will protect your head without cramping your style.



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