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In 1990, Arthur Liao invested 350 Euros in his fledgling helmet company, which he ran alongside his sole employee from a small rural house. As demand for his helmets increased he moved his business to a bigger premises to capitalize on the demand.

By the late 90s Liao had taken steps to modernise his business and expanded globally, garnering international praise with his new helmet trademark ‘MHR’.

From this small family run business sprung LS2. First conceived and born in 2007 with a head office in Barcelona, LS2 exhibited their range at EICMA in Milan and from that day forward the company have shown their dedication and passion to step into the global market.

Each LS2 helmet, whether it is made from polycarbonate, composite or fibreglass is quality checked to the exacting standards of their in-house technicians and submitted for batch testing to ensure the best quality for their customers.  

LS2 Helmets Logo

LS2 Arrow C Evo FF323

Arrow C Evo FF323

LS2 Challenger FF327

Challenger FF327

LS2 Vector C Evo

Vector C Evo FF397

LS2 Vector HPFC Evo

Vector HPFC Evo FF397

LS2 Breaker

Breaker FF390

LS2 Stream Evo

Stream Evo FF320

LS2 Rapid

Rapid FF353

LS2 Rapid Mini

Rapid Mini FF353J

LS2 Vortex

Vortex FF313

LS2 Valiant

Valiant FF399

LS2 Metro Evo

Metro Evo FF324

LS2 Strobe

Strobe FF325

LS2 Cabrio C

Cabrio C OF597

LS2 Verso

Verso OF670

LS2 Track OF569

Track OF569

LS2 Spitfire

Spitfire OF599

LS2 Sphere

Sphere OF558

LS2 Airflow L

Airflow L OF562

LS2 Pioneer

Pioneer MX436



LS2 Subverter

Subverter MX470

LS2 Fast

Fast MX437

LS2 Fast Mini

Fast Mini MX437J

LS2 Sale


LS2 Spares & Accessories

Spares & Accessories

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  3. LS2 Bond Textile Jacket Black
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  4. LS2 Bond Textile Jacket Smoke
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  5. LS2 Breaker FF390 Android Blue / Red
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