One of the most respected brands in the world of motorcycle gloves, helmets, clothing and accessories, Held is a family run business with over 60 years experience.

A company owned and run by passionate bikers, Edgar and Erhard Held, this leading brand now employs over 400 people and distributes its superior quality motorcycle helmets, motorbike clothing, gloves and accessories to over 3,000 dealers across the world.


Held first started manufacturing motorcycle gloves back in the 1940s, and after teaming up with 11-time European Motocross Champion, Erwin Schmider, in the late 1970s, they went on to develop the first ever MX glove. By the early 1990s Held were already making sports suits for bikers, and in response to public demand, they started making their own line motorcycle helmets in 1998.

Today, the Held Rider Equipment collection is vast, and you can expect to find the following items in the Moto-Central range:

Held Full Face Motorcycle Helmets: A collection of high quality lids at affordable prices, the Held Brave, Cooby, CT-1200, Darcon, Haze, Roucky, Roucky Kids, Segana, St-6 Carbon, Travel Champ and the Held Vivien all feature within this range.

Held Open Face Motorcycle Helmets: Cool, contemporary and perfect for city riding, the open face helmets in the Held collection include the Air Twister, Classic 66, Fader, Heros, Kosar, McCorry, Police II, Rune and Sunset. Packed with safety features and style, these fantastic lids all come in at under £100.

Held Off-Road Motorcycle Helmets: A collection of lids for hardcore bikers, the Held off-road helmet range includes the Alcatar and popular MX-7.

Held Motorcycle Clothing: Providing protection from head to toe, Held also manufacture an impressive collection of 1-piece leather suits, 2-piece leather suits, combination suits, leather jackets and trousers, textile separates, Kevlar jeans, over-suits, base layers and just about every other piece of motorcycle clothing you could possibly need.

Held Motorcycle Gloves: No Held collection would be complete with their trademark gloves, and you will find a pair to suit every season and every biking activity within our online range.

In addition to our comprehensive collection of Held motorcycle helmets, clothing and gloves; we also stock Held Motorcycle Boots, Held Luggage and Bags, Held Protection and a range of bike accessories.

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