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Hedon - The relentless pursuit for pleasure
Founded in 2011 by Lucy and Reginald, Hedon derived their name from the word ‘Hedonism’: the relentless search for pleasure. That is Hedon’s goal, to provide a sense of pure pleasure for every individual’s own journey in search of hedonism.

Lucy and Reginald were tired of conventional helmet styling and so, using their extensive skills in design and helmet crafting, they decided to break from the norm and create a new range of protective headwear for the urban rider. They wanted to produce something with style, a sense of nostalgia and comfort above all else, and so Hedon was born.

With an eye for the original and a sense of beauty and craftsmanship, each Hedon helmet has its own unique style and finish. A perfect blend of the retro and the new, each piece is hand crafted using a blend of traditional methods and new technology to create an effortlessly stylish helmet for the modern rider.

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Hedon Heroine Racer

Heroine Racer

Hedon Heroine


Hedon Epicurist


Hedon Hedonist


Hedon Cortex Cycle Helmet

Cortex Cycle Helmet

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