Caberg X Trace

Caberg X-Trace is a full face helmet with removeable peak and dual visor system suited to both the street and off-road adventures. 

The Caberg X-Trace can be transformed without the use of tools, it has a removeable peak and visor system, giving a varied style depending on choice of terrain. The X-Trace can be worn in four forms 1) entire: peak and visor attached. 2) Without the visor but with peak attached. 3) Without the peak but with the visor attached. 4) In its simplest form: with neither the peak or visor. The polycarbonate outer shell comes in two sizes enabling the best fitting. The helmet is fitted with Caberg’s exclusive Double Visor Tech system, consisting of a transparent, Pinlock fitted outer visor and an integrated sun visor, both anti-scratch and easy to manoeuvre with gloves, ensureing the safest riding conditions whether tackling mud, rain or shine. Two air vents sit on top of the shell and one sits on the chin guard expelling any visor fog. A rear vent aids temperature regulation by expelling warm air. The lining of the X-Trace is fully removeable and washable, made with breathable fabrics. Both the breath guard and wind stopper are removable.


If you are looking for a helmet equally suited to the Street and Off-road riding the Caberg X-Trace offers the flexibility to do so.

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