Box Helmets

Safe, comfortable and affordable, Box Motorcycle Helmets are made from technologically advanced materials, feature all safety features one would expect from a British brand, come in a variety of styles and designs, yet they remain one of the most competitively priced lids available on the market today.

With many of the full-face helmets, open-face helmets and off-road helmets in the Box collection coming in at less than £100, these stylish lids are within every bikers reach, and as they are all fully road tested and ECE approved, you can head out onto the road with confidence.

In the Moto-Central Box Helmet collection we stock all the latest styles and designs, and a range of spares and accessories to complement your new Box lid:

Box Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets : Available in simple block colours or with unique graphic designs, the Bell BZ1 and the Bell BX1 provide full-face protection without compromising on style.

Box Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmets : Box also manufacture flip-up (modular) helmets, such as the Box SZ1. Perfect for touring and long distance commuting, flip-up helmets like these combine the safety features of a full-face lid with the convenience of an open-face helmet.

Box Open-Face Motorcycle Helmets: In the Box open-face collection you will find three different designs to choose from - the JZ1, the JX1 and the JX2 Demi jet lid. Stylish, comfortable and retro inspired, these affordable helmets are perfect for scooter riders.

At Moto-Central, we also stock the popular BoxMX5 child helmet, and a range of Box spares and accessories.

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