Arai RX 7RC

The Arai RX 7RC is a full face premium quality carbon fibre motorcycle helmet, that is based on the technology used in developing the Arai GP-6 RC formula 1 racing car helmet, making it the ultimate motorcycle crash helmet. The extremely stiff material used in creating the shell of the helmet has at least 50% more tensile strength than regular carbon, whilst still being lightweight, adding to the great features of this product. 

As well as being reinforced with the ‘Peripherally Belted’ construction, the helmet has enhanced hyper ridge strengthening as well as a larger opening for increased access. The airflow spoiler reduces drag allowing for a more stable, comfortable ride. The penetration resistant helmet uses Arai’s unique technology for added comfort by including multiple different densities in the liner as a single component. Reinforcement at the bottom of the outer shell of the helmet, allows for more strength and the ergonomically shaped shell allows for improved streamlining and a smarter, slicker appearance all in one. 
The fully washable and removable dry cool interior as well as the removable neck roll allows for easy maintenance and upkeep enabling you to keep your helmet in premium condition easily.
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